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Strategic Decisions in Data Reporting : where to build metrics?

Picture of David Krakov
David Krakov

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Morton met David Krakov, Honeydew’s CEO, and talked about… well… semantic layers 🙂

One of the first questions we ask in discovery calls is where the metrics reside. Data teams build metrics in ETL, during ingestion, in BI, or in a semantic layer. Choosing where to build your metrics isn’t just a technical decision; it’s a strategic one – and definitely part of this balance between creating flexible reports and maintaining consistency.

You can read Adam’s newsletter or just watch the video where Adam and David discuss the semantic layer challenge in more depth with a demo of Honeydew.

About Adam Morton

Adam Morton is an experienced data leader and author in the field of data and analytics with a passion for delivering tangible business value. Over the past two decades Adam has accumulated a wealth of valuable, real-world experiences designing and implementing enterprise-wide data strategies, advanced data and analytics solutions as well as building high-performing data teams across the UK, Europe, and Australia.

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Picture of David Krakov
David Krakov

Co-founder and CEO

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Picture of David Krakov
David Krakov

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