Honeydew operates as a cloud service.



Honeydew access to data is controlled via the Snowflake security model.

Any data processing of data is done only withing a customer-owned Snowflake account.

It is possible to set up Honeydew Cloud without any access to data.

If set up this way, some UI features (such as on-demand data preview) will be disabled, without impacting core functionality.


All customer metadata managed by Honeydew is stored in a customer-owned private GitHub repository.

Deployment can be done via a GitHub Application.


Honeydew Snowflake Native App allows to securely access Honeydew from within the Snowflake IDE or a Snowflake Connection.

Snowflake security model (user access and roles) is supported:

  • To control Honeydew application access.
  • To control access of users using a Honeydew-based live SQL connection.

Live SQL connection

If a Live SQL connection is enabled, Honeydew will process queries that go through the live connection.

However, Honeydew does not process or has access to any inflight data exchanged within the live connection between a BI tool and Snowflake.


We are SOC2 Type II compliant.

SOC2 Compliance