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Think outside the Cube

Think about what to ask, not how. Our Semantic Layer understands relationships, join paths, levels of granularity, dependencies – the complexities of data. When you ask, we combine them together to a query that just works.

Build ad-hoc datasets without engineering

Get any combination of any metric, dimension, or filter in an SQL view or a BI tool without building an ETL flow in advance.

Performance Friendly

We generate highly performant Snowflake SQL queries on the fly. Query generation and deployment can adjusted for latency and cost.

Engineering Friendly

Our source of truth is git. Code is SQL and metadata is YAML: modify it in our UI, a text editor, or even from an automated script. All works.

Living Source of Truth​

We are a semantic layer that is built for collaboration: your metrics, tables, entities evolve – and we make sure that everyone stay on the same page with consistent definitions.
A lineage that understands the business impact
See how a metric is built without digging through ETL lineage. We show how the definition is composed of other metrics – and how it is being used by others.
Find out if a metric is legit based on actual usage
Is it used in an important dashboard? Is it popular? Do you trust its creator?
Experiment locally without affecting others
Your local changes are versioned. When done new calculations can be shared for approval.
Work faster, together, by yourself.
Start building with Honeydew.

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