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Customer Use Case
Customer Use Case

Standardize Complex SaaS Metrics


  1. Fraud Analytics SaaS
  2. Highly complex domain data includes multiple BUs, Salesforce and Product data sources. Powers consolidated SaaS metrics such as MRR, Churn broken down for different teams.
  3. Reporting is based on Tableau and Snowflake.


  1. All metrics are implemented in stacked VIEWs totaling 10s of thousands of SQL lines
  2. Reporting is implemented in dozens of disparate Tableau dashboards
  3. Duplication of logic results in common data errors and inconsistencies
  4. Every new business demand requires a >1 week data engineering cycle
  1. Honeydew deconstructed the old VIEWs to a semantic layer
  2. Every VIEW powering a dashboard is automatically built and maintained by Honeydew, without any duplications
  3. 90% of new business demands moved to self-serve and are typically <1 hour


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