Direct Query

PowerBI can connect directly to Honeydew with a live connection using the Honeydew ODBC driver.

A Honeydew domain will be presented to the data model as a single virtual table.

PowerBI Direct Query support is in Beta. Contact to enable.

PowerBI Service

PowerBI Service may connect to Honeydew Direct Query using the PowerBI Gateway.

Metadata Sync

PowerBI can query Honeydew directly from the newly created connection. However, fields will lack associated metadata.

With Metadata Sync, Honeydew synchronizes the following metadata to PowerBI:

  • Field type (metric or attribute) - attributes have default aggregation set to “none” and are presented as fields. regardless to data type, while metrics have a default aggregation set and are presented as measures.
  • Field display names. When no display name is set, Honeydew creates an automatic user friendly name.
  • Field folders. When no folder is set, Honeydew uses the entity name as folder names.
  • Field hidden property.
  • Field descriptions.

Attributes have “none” as a default aggregation to distinguish them from metrics. But aggregating on attributes is possible! Any specific PowerBI widget that needs to aggregate can do so by choosing an aggregation in the widget “field well”.


DAX limitations on a Direct Query apply to a Honeydew connection.

Logic that would otherwise require advanced DAX can be built directly in Honeydew instead. That includes complex multi-step calculations, filtered or partial metrics, calculated fields, time intelligence and other advanced features.

Every Honeydew metric is consumable with PowerBI in a Direct Query mode.


PowerBI can import data from dynamic datasets in Snowflake.

With a VIEW or a TABLE

Dynamic datasets can be set up deployment to Snowflake.

The resulting VIEW or TABLE can be used for a Data Import.

With Snowflake Native Application

Create a blank query, and open advanced query editor to write:

    Source = Value.NativeQuery(

Given Snowflake connection parameters (host, warehouse, role and database) and Honeydew workspace, a working branch in it (usually would be prod), and a dynamic dataset dataset.

This calls a stored procedure to retrieve dynamic dataset data to PowerBI.